If you have small children or elderly relatives in your home, you want to keep them as safe as possible from poisonous pests and regular spider control treatments can be very helpful. While most spider bites will not harm them seriously, the bite of the Redback and many other Queensland spiders can be deadly for people of those ages, and can cause serious physical problems at any age.

Which pesticides for spider control are safe?

There are quite a few pesticides out there that we use to keep spiders away from your loved ones. The most important thing to keep in mind is the application points. When we’re going around the outside of your house, we make sure to hit corners, all points of entry, a 1 meter strip up the house, bbq area, outdoor furniture and eaves. Spiders will come in through the cracks around your doors and windows, so we will treat each of them. Other points of entry that we will spray include exhaust vents, decks, cable entry points and air conditioning connections.. Further away from the house, we can put down granular poisons in wood piles, bushes, shrubs, and other areas of clutter that might harbour poisonous spiders.

Inside the house, we spray under your sinks, along baseboards, throughout your closets, and under your appliances. We can pay close attention to crawl spaces and the ceiling. If you have spiders coming out of electrical outlets or vents, you will want to apply pesticide dust back in those spaces to get rid of spiders inside there.

While you are spraying, make sure that your children and pets are out of the area, and keep them out for at least an hour after spraying, depending on the instructions for your specific product. There are many odourless products out there, so there is no reason for your house to reek of poison for hours or days after application. Most pesticides require application once every 12 months depending on application area.

With the wide variety of alternative treatments available, pesticides and poisons are only necessary when you have a significant infestation of spiders. However, when you do need them, they will work swiftly and effectively. If you keep your children and pets safe during the spraying process, you will find the whole process swift and painless.


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