House mice live and thrive under a variety of conditions in and around homes and farms. House mice consume food meant for humans or pets. They contaminate food-preparation surfaces with their faeces, which can contain the bacterium that causes food poisoning (salmonellosis). Their constant gnawing causes damage to structures and property.

Norway Rats : Appearance

Norway rat is larger and more aggressive than the Roof Rat. As an adult the Norway Rat can weigh between 340 – 450 grams, With a body length of 15 – 20 centimetres long. The nose is blunt with small ears, and small eyes. The fur is shaggy and brown colour. The tail is shorter than the head and body combined, and scaly. Gnawing holes from rats are about 2 inches or more in diameter. They have rough edges. They prefer to gnaw on wood and can damage electrical wiring.
Norway rat burrows can be found along foundations, or beneath rubbish and shrubbery

Roof Rats : Appearance

The Roof Rat is smaller and more slender than the bigger Norway Rat.
The adults weigh about 141 – 255 grams, 18 – 26 centimetres long. The tail is longer than the head and body combined. They have large ears and a pointed nose. The fur is darker, smooth as opposed to the Norway rat with its shaggy fur.

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