Fleas There are thousands of species of fleas. Fleas have one of the most repulsive reputations as they are parasitic to humans.

There are four stages to a flea’s life: egg, larvae, pupae and adult flea. Eggs often fall off the host into the host nest (pets bedding, human bedding). The larvae then feed on dead organic matter – dead skin, flakes of food scraps etc. Once the larvae have grown, it forms pupae before becoming an adult.

The adult pupae may stay dormant for up to a year. Usually vibrations trigger the flea to hatch for example a person walking by.This is why some people report being attacked by an infestation of fleas in vacant houses. If the person enters a site where fleas have been dormant for some time, the vibrations can trigger a mass hatching and an “attack”.  On top of this, they may be bitten by adult fleas that can go for as long as four months waiting for a feed.



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