The Australian cockroach is the largest pest species found in Brisbane homes growing up to 2 inches long. It is mahogany-coloured with a yellow margin around the head and around the shield behind the head. Although occasionally found in homes, the Australian cockroach more commonly is found in warm, moist areas of industrial or commercial buildings.


The German cockroach is the most troublesome of all cockroaches. One of the smaller species, 1/2 inch when full grown, it is light brown with a pair of parallel brown bars between the head and the front of the wings. This species usually is associated with buildings where food is prepared or stored. It commonly migrates from infested areas into nearby dwellings or may be carried in on food containers. Favourite home habitats are warm, moist areas, such as kitchen sinks and appliances, bathroom sinks, and electrical appliances. Most serious infestations take multiple treatments.


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