Ant Bait vs Spraying

Baiting ants and spraying ants are two completely different ant control methods.

Spraying kills the ants that come into contact with the spray.

Using ant bait enables you to use the foraging ants as your workers. They take the bait back to the nest to share with the other ants and this strategy ultimately wipes out the entire colony.


With most types of ant, only 5-10% of the colony ever leaves the nest to forage for food.

Continual spraying around your home might kill off enough foraging workers to upset the way the ant colony is supposed to work. But it doesn’t wipe out the colony altogether.

Where necessary we will spray areas to control the movement of ant in certain areas and this approach works when done correctly. But this method works best when used in conjunction with baiting.

The way baiting works.

  • The bait contain a very mild poison
  • Completely harmless to humans, cats & dogs
  • Lethal if you’re the size of an ant
  • The ants eat it
  • Other workers are fed with regurgitated food
  • Larvae are fed with regurgitated food
  • The Queen is fed with regurgitated food
  • The regurgitation spreads the poison to more ants
  • The ants start toppling like dominos

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